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Wearing Doly is not simply dressing with style, it is being aware of taking care of our planet. All of our shoes are made from recycled materials. The Atlas model is the men's version of our first collection, the DOLY CLASSICS. Atlas B&W combines black and white, elegant and minimalist, comfortable and versatile shoes that you can wear all day. They are also breathable and resist moderate rain.

All Atlas models come with two pairs of laces, one matching the shoe and the other marbled. Having two sneakers in one helps you to make a responsible fashion consumption.

Made 100% in Spain, specifically in our factory in Toledo. By locating production we manage to reduce our carbon footprint and activate our economy.

🌳    Also with each order, you help to preserve the environment by planting a tree with Reforesfy.


Where are they manufactured?
All our shoes are made in Spain. Our factories are in Toledo and Elche.

What number do I order? How do they carve? Not sure which size to choose?
Choose the size that you use in most brands. DOLY does not manufacture half sizes so we provide you with a table of equivalences and measurements.

Size guide Man:

39 6 5 25 + 1/2
40 7 6 26 260/94 26,00
41 8 7 26 +1/2 265/95 26,50
42 9 8
43 10 9 27 +1/2 275/97 27,50
 44 11 10
28 +1/2
285/98 28,50
45 12 11 29 290/99 29,00
46 13 12
29 +1/2
295/100 29,50


Size guide Woman:

36 6 3 23 + 1/2 235/84 23,50
37 6 + 1/2 4 24 240/85 24,00
38 7 + 1/2 5 24 +1/2 245/86 24,50
39 8 6
25 +1/2
40 9 7 26 260/88 26,00
 41 10 8
26 +1/2
265/89 26,00

  • SHIPPING. What are the shipping costs and times?

Shipping costs are calculated automatically during the purchase process.


Shipping time

Unit shipping cost

Peninsula (Spain)

1-3 business days



1-5 business days



3-15 business days

Depending on destination

* Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla

3-15 business days



* Customs procedures may delay delivery times. You have to take into account that shipments may be subject to additional expenses (import taxes, customs duties and / or fees applied by the authorities of each country) that must be borne by the buyer.


Do I have to pay shipping costs if I have to change the size? How to process a return?

Shipping costs for the first size change are free.

The return shipping costs are borne by the customer.

For both, you must contact us at the email address detailing the order number and your name. We will contact you and tell you the steps to follow.

You have 14 days to make the return and 30 to change the size.

When the product arrives at our facilities we will review it and if it is in good condition we will refund the corresponding amount by the same means by which you paid. If it is not in good condition for reasons beyond our control or it has been used, we may refund a lower amount depending on the deterioration.

How long does it take to receive my order? If I have a problem with my order, how can I contact you?
In Peninsula and Balearic Islands your order takes from 1 to 3 business days. In the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Europe between 3 and 15 days depending on the destination.

Your order may be delayed during the sales season, Christmas or national holidays.

For any incident with your order you can contact us at


Discount codes are applied during the purchase process. It will appear clearly on the right side of the screen once you have entered the contact information.

How can I get in touch with you?
Through our website or at the following email addresses


To wash your DOLYs use a cloth dampened in cold water. If you think that this will not be enough, moisten the cloth using a mixture of water and mild soap. If you have large stains you can use soapy water and gently rub with a small soft bristle brush.

We advise you against putting your DOLYs in the washing machine!

Let them air dry. Do not place them next to a device that emits heat, such as a radiator, since direct heat can alter the shape of the shoe and, of course, we advise against using a dryer due to its high energy consumption.
ATLAS B&W - DolyDoly
ATLAS B&W - DolyDoly
ATLAS B&W - DolyDoly
ATLAS B&W - DolyDoly
ATLAS B&W - DolyDoly
ATLAS B&W - DolyDoly
ATLAS B&W - DolyDoly
ATLAS B&W - DolyDoly
ATLAS B&W - DolyDoly
ATLAS B&W - DolyDoly
ATLAS B&W - DolyDoly
ATLAS B&W - DolyDoly
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