Sustainable design

From DOLY we want to show you the effects that PET (PolyEthylene Terephtalate) has on the environment, from its production and use to its disposal.

Plastics are a very important part of our life, they are used for packaging, sealing, preserving and distributing food, medicine, drinks, water, cleaning articles, toiletries, cosmetics, and a large number of other products that can serve the population in a safe, hygienic and practical way.

Despite its indisputable usefulness in everyday life, once plastics have been used they become waste that is part of urban solid waste (MSW) generated in large quantities. We understand waste as that which ends up in a landfill, incineration plant, sea or any place that does not receive adequate treatment to be recycled, causing water, air and soil contamination problems that directly impact the environment and our health.

Globally, it is estimated that 25 million tons of plastics accumulate in the environment every year and can remain unchanged for a period of between 100 and 500 years, this is why we have designed our recycled Gea and Atlas sneakers. This is due to a slow degradation and consists mainly of its fragmentation into smaller particles, which are distributed into the sea (these have been found between 3 to 30 kg/km2), rivers, sediments and soils, among others. It is common to see landscapes of garbage from plastic containers on roads, mountains, rivers, lakes and even worse, in oceans and seas where once deposited on the seabed, solar radiation causes a faster degradation, which directly affect marine fauna which live in these environments, which apart from destroying it, also end up in our bodies due to its consumption.

We would like make the world a better place and we are counting on you to join us!