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If you prefer to walk the talk, welcome to the #DolyDoers Movement.

So many ideas get said on a daily basis, but how many actually become a reality? At DOLY we're just like you, and we know how important it is to put those shoes on and starting walking the talk to build a better future.

Want to meet some #DolyDoers? Let's go!

Candela Perez

No. 01
Candela Pérez

Her passion for healthy living, sport and good nutrition was transformed into one word: Benuts. Candela is working on this sustainable, plant-based and plastic free food brand while combining it with her work as Marketing Manager of the restaurant chain of real food, Honest Greens.

No. 02
Helena Rosa

Improve yourself to improve others. That's how this physical therapist and sustainable lifestyle advocate thinks. With her advice, therapies and knowledge about natural products, Helena's purpose is to make a difference for the better for both people and the planet.

Helena Rosa
Mario Cruz y Vanesa Rughara

No. 03
Mario Cruz y Vanesa Rughara

If you're familiar with the Malasaña neighbourhood in Madrid, you will have heard of the multi-brand fashion store Rughara. Mario Cruz and Vanesa Rughara give a sustainable touch to fashion, working together on solidarity projects.

No. 04
Ángel Espinosa

A craftsman of visual worlds, this is how this Art Director, graphic designer, teacher, craftsman and, above all, passionate about creativity from its most sustainable perspective, defines himself. Through this approach, Angel has created Bárbaro, his own independent communication agency.

Ángel Espinosa

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