About us


When we created Doly, in addition to a business idea, we had in mind something more important in our lives: the desire to collaborate to achieve a better world.

Doly is born from combining professional goals with a personal desire, caring for the planet.

Under this premise, we have founded a company committed to the environment and with the firm purpose of manufacturing sustainable fashion.

But since the movement is demonstrated by doing, we do not want to stay in words and we have made it a reality.




At DOLY, we are committed to sustainability with a standard of quality and design in our products as the best in the fashion market.

Our starting point was to design environmentally friendly sneakers that do not compromise the future of the planet but with an innovative design. We realized that both recycled and organic fabrics are sustainable raw materials which is how DOLY was born.

We have just launched our first line of shoes which are made from recycled plastic bottles. The plastic bottles are collected and through a fascinating process they are converted into PET, from which a recycled thread is obtained to develop the fabric used to produce ATLAS AND GEA.

By doing this, we optimize the useful life of plastics by reusing and recycling as many times as possible.

At DOLY we have also gone a step further, going from the concept of recycling to the concept of UPCYCLING. Giving added value to our products with a powerful and very careful design.

Sustainability helps achieve an economic balance, taking care of the environment and social well-being, and eco-design is one of the ways to do it.