At DOLY, we are fully aware of the exceptional circumstances we are all experiencing. If we all act responsibly we will end this pandemic sooner. The Emergency State that has been declared allows us to continue operating due to being an online store, however, we believe that all our workers should be able to #stayhome. For this reason, we have decided to cancel all deliveries until normality returns.

Our product is not a necessity and we do not believe it is necessary for couriers to distribute it, putting their health at risk. We thank our warehouses and couriers for their willingness to help, but we have decided to avoid risks.

We know that this may cause you some inconvenience and that’s the last thing we want. To compensate you we will be offering a coupon with a 40% discount on purchases made during the State of Emergency in Spain and they will be sent immediately after the State of Emergency is stopped.

With your help, we will stop the spread of COVID-19.

#stayhome #responsibilityDoly #estevirusloparamosjuntos